2nd/3rd Templates

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Fortune Tellers in PPT
This was an end of the year project for my students in grades 2-6. The kids customized with their own colors, numbers and fortunes (and pictures for my fast finishers!). Then they were cut out and folded, tutorial here.
(A make and take template for students to customize that can be done in 1-2 class sessions)

Door Signs in PPT
(A make and take template for students to customize that can be done in 1-2 class sessions)
Mother's Day Word Search In Excel
My student created this step-by-step from a blank sheet
(Formatting Cells, Inputting Data, Word Art)
Print with 2 slides per page and cut out to make a mini-book.
(Inserting slides, bullets, using clip art and importing pictures)

(Creating shapes, adjusting transparency, adding a text box)

(Parts of a cell, using basic shapes, using a text box/word art)

(Copying and Pasting text and pictures)

(Using Basic Shapes, changing shape color and fill effects)

(Comparing 2 ecosystems, using the oval/circle tool, inserting text, and clip art)

Each student selects a different landform and creates a page for a classroom book.
(Types of Landforms, copying and pasting an image from the internet, and inserting text)

This also works well for SmartBoards.
(Making change, Clicking and Dragging)

I have my students type thier words in MSWord and then copy and paste them over.
(Any theme, copy and pasting)

(Multiplication, adding color and borders to a chart, using the on screen calculator or inputting formulas)

(Types of Natural Resources, creating a table, inserting clipart)

(Using the a pictures corner to maintain scale)

(Planets in our Solar System, toggling between PPT and the internet, inputing data)

Super Similes in KidPix
Done in conjunction with reading Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood
Once the pages were finished in KidPix, I put them in PPT to make a slideshow and printed a class book with them all.
(Writing a simile, illustrating a picture)

This was for use with a SmartBoard, but could be adapted for individual student use.
(Types of nouns)

(Using borders, changing font size, inputting in a chart)

(Note: Many of my ideas were inspired by other teachers, but I am not always good at remembering where I my inspiration come from. If a project looks remarkably similar to something you have posted on your site, you were probably my inspiration! Shoot me an email with the link and I will give credit where it is due:)
anneleilani11 (at) gmail (dot) com)

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