These are some of the SMARTBoard Resources that I have found useful in the classroom.
This site is organized by content area (including music and art!), then within each content area it lists all the different content strands(ie, math has addition,subtraction, time, $, number lines and more) to select from. All activities are are web-based and  would work well for large and small groups utilizing the SMARTBoard.

This site links to many others sites that have templates and lessons for the SMART Notebook Software, interactive websites, and PowerPoint. There is also a tutorial section towards the bottom that is very useful for teachers new to SMARTBoards.

All the resources on this site were created using SMART Notebook. There are lessons for Elementary to High School and cover a full range on academic contents areas and topics. Be sure to look read through the whole list because it is organize by content, then grade level. 

A large database chocked full of FREE games, presentations, and interactive activities created by teachers using SMART Notebook. Requires you to register to access all the content.

This site has interactive websites, SMART Board resources, and a pretty good selection of SMART Notebook Templates organized by content area. 

Other Resources
Here are two sites created by stateside districts that have very comprehensive SMART Board Resources.

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